What We Do

We feature an all youth cast, where everyone is showcased. Because each role is created for the individual, every cast member shines equally in our productions. Our performance material is all original and written specifically to showcase the strengths and talents of each performer, including singing, dancing, comedy and narration.


Many of our shows are driven by themes of social justice and are inspired by universal issues to which performers and audience members of any age can connect and relate. Our material is thought provoking and real, but tempered with humor and hope. We aim to make you think while entertaining you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our youth with a platform to express themselves both artistically and creatively, while inspiring, nurturing, and developing the whole artistic spirit of each child we serve.

How We Came to Be

Our program is in direct response of the need to afford the youth in our greater Portland community with an accessible and sustainable production driven performing arts program option. Each school year our school districts undergo drastic budget cuts or school directional change that leaves students and their schools at the mercy of whatever the outcome may be. Typically, as a result of most cuts and school changes, course enrichment options and programs are the first to go.


 In addition, not all schools within the districts are equitable, which means that not all offer artistic expression or performing arts at this creative level. Our program prides itself not only on strengthening relationships between students from different schools within our community, but also bringing parents, community members, and businesses together by way of supporting our youth in this program.

Staff & Instructors

All staff and instructors who represent Maverick Main Stage Productions are certified educators and/or local artists who lend their expertise and skills to our program. All have undergone background checks/screenings prior to getting hired on as staff.


Jennie Brown
Molly Grier
Kendra Rohl
Michael Dean
Board Members
Jennie Brown
Rene Gillette
Sari Hedges
 Alonzo Chadwick